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A Gif/Edit blog. I make gifs of all kinds of anime, cartoons, and the like.
July 25th 2014
July 22nd 2014
"But come on! Why would you ever want to leave this place?"
July 12th 2014
Wander over Yonder - The Void
July 03rd 2014
July 02nd 2014
Wander over Yonder - The Birthday Boy
June 28th 2014



June 23rd 2014
Happy Birthday, Sonic!
June 23rd 2014
Wander over Yonder - The Night
June 22nd 2014
June 22nd 2014

If you happen to want to make a gif of a scene that I’ve already made - PLEASE by all means, do so! Do not feel that because I have made one already, that that means you shouldn’t.

As long as my gifs aren’t STOLEN or REPOSTED, then I don’t care.

But seriously; you’re free to make whatever gifs you want. Don’t let other people stop you. :3